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Field Force Management software

Field Force Management software Sales Gateway application is a Field Service Management app that enables to simplify the field task managementIt helps the Managers or the administrators to assign leads to field employees in real time it also helps to keep proper tracking of there progress and collection of the sales or service becomes much easier with a simple GPS Enabled Android phone Challenges for Managing organisation Mobile working Work Force Field Employees are more than often assigned leads via calls or messages which makes tracking there progress difficult There is no proof of the actual visit of the employee to the customer Priority assignment of tasks to each sales or service staff There is no security of the database of the company if the staff leaves the organisation How does Sales Gateway application makes the field force much simple and productive View and manage the current status for the Tasks in progress Real time task tracking and updating work recordsCentrally managed Database that defines accounta ...

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Why is sales tracking important and what does it mean to a business

Why is sales tracking important and what does it mean to a business Sales tracking is the process of the storing r ...

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Best Task Management software

Best Task Management softwareThe Sales Gateway application is the efficient ways of managing tasks of the employees through the mobile application it incorporates all the conditions in the task which priority including the time spent concerned customers involved with the finances related to that particular task Task Management tool gives a complete details in the way of the visits The Task Management systems ensures the operations of the business with a maximum efficient process and brings the maximum output for the organisation Sales Gateway application also ensures that the day to day business of the organisation runs in the much easier way and ensures to keep the track of the same Sales Gateway application ensure that the sales and service team spends lesser time on the managing the task and maximum time can be spent with the stake holders and the customers This is a good task management tool and gives the access on the dashboard and makes easy to understand about the task and the cycle involved The benefits of the task management tool are the following on the business Sales Gateway makes it easie ...

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What is scheduled location tracking

What is scheduled location tracking The Sales tracking application has special features inbuilt features that has a special cron like features which has a schedulers whiich can configure to start and stop the application on the function of Device boot Why does Sales tracking work on the battery optimization mode The Sales Gateway application works on the battery optimization mode to save battery which can be used by sales executives to perform other functions The most sophisticated, Battery-conscious Sales tracking application The application is developed with 5 years of R&D and providers better results on the field Other Useful links - location based attendance app , ...

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Objectives of Sales tracking

Objectives of Sales tracking  Real Time Tracking of Sales Executives Manage the Leaves , Attendance , Customers and other request  Reduction unproductive time loss of Sales Executives for reporting Better follow up of leads and reminders   Review of Sales Executives task on Daily , Weekly and Monthly basis  Productivity Calculation of the employees   Reduction of use of paper  Maintaining a better relationships with Customer through Regular follow ups  ...

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Expenses Management through Sales Tracking application

Digitization the Sales team expense processing and keep a check on expensesThe Sales Team Expenses can be monitored and verified through the application thus ensuring the Complete check on the overall expenditure of the organisation The Digitization of the expenses means a higher level of transparency in the organisation and thus leads to the reduction the overall bills generated by the sales staff The overall management of expenses will ensure that there are fake bills Other Useful Links - expense management software , expense report software , ...

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Features of Sales Tracking application

Attendance ManagementWith the Geo tagged capture of the attendance module it helps aids the managers / Admin to monitor the In Time and Out time of the sales staff and gives information regarding the working hours  - Punch In / Out From Any location  - GEO Tagged Attendance - Shift Management - Reporting of the working hours  - IMEI LockGPS Tracking By using the technology of motion science , Sales gateway presents the Employee tracking application with the admin panel access to get close Eagle Eye view on the Employee Geographic location and hourly history  - Manage Your Employees  - Route Play back


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The Complete Field Sales CRM

Sales Pipeline VisibilitySales Gateway application helps to get the customer data on the move and data for management to make the right Sales Decisions Better Sales conversion Sales is sometimes very complicated between the prospects , Visiting customers and conversion  The process of the sales team navigating between the complicated CRM Sales Gateway provides the best solution and visibility for the seeing exactly where we need the next best action The Sales executives can the maximize the Selling and utilize the time with the best equipped Sales application Prospects in your pocket Sales Gateway CRM Ensures the proper process so that the organisation can focus more on the ideal customers and eliminates the focus on the wrong accounts With the features of the having the Customer follow up ensures the full pipeline for the customers Field Document Management & StorageWith the ability to store the customer data in the the application ensures that the right customers a ...

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Why we need Sales Tracking solution

Why Choose Sales Gateway Innovative Solution Sales gateway provides the best and most unique feature of the background operation application with the battery optimisation mode to provide the best results Better UI User interface of the Sales gateway application is very simple and easy to understand and thus application in the business makes is easy Customer Support Sales gateway provides the best customer support to the users with regular technology updates and makes the difference in the operations of the organisation CustomizableSales gateway uses the latest technology of development and can be modified to all business needs and applications to provide the better results Cloud  hosting The Sales gateway applications is hosted on the cloud platform and can be accessed from the cloud servers and provides the best results to the users Cost effective The ROI of using the sales gateway application stands on a higher side and thus be ...

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Sales Gateway can help you with your drive for productivity

Sales and Marketing Tracking of the real time Location and Geo Verified proofs can be generated for the Client Visits Monitor productivity of the Sales staff and conveyance bills can be generated accordingly Operations Sales Gateway application is useful to get the realtime location and task status Status for the realtime task completed can be generated and also delays can be monitored Retail Track the real time attendance of the sales staff and real time sales staff strength can be calculated at each site Bio metric System can be easily replaced with the phone based solution to understand the work timings of your employees Construction The overall working proof of all the employees at each of the construction sites can be calculated and thus maintaining the timings of operations of the employees at a particular site Security Services Verify the presence of the security staff at the location of the customer and thus leading to a better output of the employees Fie ...

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