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Why we need Sales Tracking solution

Why Choose Sales Gateway 

Innovative Solution 

Sales gateway provides the best and most unique feature of the background operation application with the battery optimisation mode to provide the best results 

Better UI 

User interface of the Sales gateway application is very simple and easy to understand and thus application in the business makes is easy 

Customer Support 

Sales gateway provides the best customer support to the users with regular technology updates and makes the difference in the operations of the organisation 


Sales gateway uses the latest technology of development and can be modified to all business needs and applications to provide the better results 

Cloud  hosting 

The Sales gateway applications is hosted on the cloud platform and can be accessed from the cloud servers and provides the best results to the users 

Cost effective 

The ROI of using the sales gateway application stands on a higher side and thus benefits the organisation in the better way 

Battery Optimization mode 

The application works in the background and goes in the power saving when the application is not in use and thus provides the least battery usage 

Background application 

Sales tracking application keeps sending data to the server even when the user kills the application in the background and thus provides the regular and accurate tracking