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GPS Enabled Monitoring System

Benefits of Sales Gateway

Guaranteed to The save you time, increase the accuracy of your inventory, and help to you make informed decisions for your The business

Save Time

Everyday save your time 1/2 hours that our system automates manage

Increase Sales

Our user friendly speeds up application able to increase your business sales.

Data Privacy

we secure your data with world best firewall security system.

Cloud hosted

with our solution you can Access your data anytime anywhere.

Trusted by over 150+ Corporate companies

App Features :

Sales Gateway is an application specially design to optimize working productivity of team with new edge technology like GPS Tracking, Geo tagging , location based attendance, travel distance calculation.

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GPS Tracking

GPS based Tracking continuously monitoring your executive movement activities like visited customer , travel distance, Geo-fencing.

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Mark Attendance

With the application uses company will able to organize their their employee attendance data with highly accurate and transparently .

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Lead Management

With this software Sales Gateway provide you an interface to CRM sales flow that help you to increase sales or productivity.

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For evaluating team members basis on their performance is really important we cover this feature along with this software.

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GPS Enabled Tracking

Sales Gateway is offer GPS Enabled employee tracking solution by using mobile GPS.

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Mark Attendance

GPS Enabled Mark attendance helps you an automation system for employee attendance.

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Play Back and History View

With our Employee Tracking system admin will able to check previous history of your employee.

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Assign Task

with software you can assign Task to the sales executives like their meetings etc.

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Customer Management

Centralize your all customer with employee tracking software implementation.

What are the advantages of Employee GPS Enabled Tracking application?

1. Reduction of the operational cost

Monitoring your Employee through the Sales Gateway’s Employee tracking solution is a very effective way to save and reduce the operational cost. Maintaining a proper speed and reducing idling time and maintaining a threshold level of speed significantly reduces the travel time used by your Employee and provides higher savings into your business

2. Improving Employee Behavior

Sales Gateway tracking solution can be used for tracking variety of information including the Employee behavior, trip and battery level and idling time this information can be used for to keep a control over the various factors that affect that effects the quality of business the various factors include the factors like excessive idling, this helps to improve the services quality being provide to your customers.

Increase Safety and Security

Sales Gateway’s Employee tracking solution helps to provide a better safety and security of your Employee, In case of a ban Geo-fencing there can be alert that can set which can help you locate your Employee also features can be integrated into the GPS Gateway tracking solution which can help us to track the usage of resources during the off hours , this can help you to provide a better control over the monitoring and better safety is provided to employee and also this helps to provide a peace of mind to you as business owners with better control over the Employee .

Better Customer Service

This can provide a better support in terms to locate the Employee and locate the routing and dispatches of goods and services to customer, you can easily determine and locate the dispatch of goods and customers and thus provide a better support to the customers and providing accurate and verifiable proof of services

Monitoring Performance

Proper monitoring of Employee through the Sales Gateway Solution can help proper analyses of the Employee and thus reduces the off work time your employee and increases productivity and thus leads to the higher productivity.

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