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Solution for Territory Management

A complete solution for Territory Management 

It Is very important for a comapany to manage the sales and customers accordingy 
to the geographical areas, types of customer, purchase history trend, sales potential exiting 
and the process is defined as territory Management 

The visits to the right customers and esuring the allocation of the oppurtunities fairly 
across the sales team helps in boosting performance and ultimately helps in the 
acceleration of the Sales . Utilising the Sales Gateway application solution is critical 
to ensure the every territory is fully covered and all markets are explored 

Not using the sales management software higher productivity cannot be attained 

Historical data helps in the Maximum Output 

To Ensure the maximum benifits form a territory it must be worked with a proper management 
Historical Data reflects the actual what happened with the customer detailing and enusres 
the right prospect is captured upto the last limit 

Territory Mapping Features

Analyzing your customers
Setting up measurable goals
Defining Sales Territories by Pin code, specific streets, certain addresse and Micro market
Establishment of defined territory action plan
Field Data Entry with proper mobile functionality

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