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Sales Gateway can help you with your drive for productivity

Sales and Marketing 

Tracking of the real time Location and Geo Verified proofs can be generated for the Client Visits 
Monitor productivity of the Sales staff and conveyance bills can be generated accordingly 


Sales Gateway application is useful to get the realtime location and task status 
Status for the realtime task completed can be generated and also delays can be monitored 

Track the real time attendance of the sales staff and real time sales staff strength can be calculated at each site 
Bio metric System can be easily replaced with the phone based solution to understand the work timings of your employees 


The overall working proof of all the employees at each of the construction sites can be calculated and thus maintaining the timings of operations of the employees at a particular site 

Security Services 

Verify the presence of the security staff at the location of the customer and thus leading to a better output of the employees 

Field Research 

Tracking of the real time location of the employees and collection and aggregation of the Data electronically with the Sales Gateway Application