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Sales Gateway is an application specially design to optimize working productivity of team with new edge technology like GPS Tracking, Geo tagging , location based attendance, travel distance calculation.

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GPS Tracking

GPS based Tracking continuously monitoring your executive movement activities like visited customer , travel distance, Geo-fencing.

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Mark Attendance

With the application uses company will able to organize their their employee attendance data with highly accurate and transparently .

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Lead Management

With this software Sales Gateway provide you an interface to CRM sales flow that help you to increase sales or productivity.

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For evaluating team members basis on their performance is really important we cover this feature along with this software.

Let's See
How it Work

Sales gateway is a GPS Tracking enabled Employee tracking software solution for companies which can help them to reduce misuses. User mobile connect to the sever and share some monitoring related information to cloud.

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Replay History View

In Sales Gateway application company benefited to monitor previous travelled history of their sales executives or Customer visits. Monitoring is really important part of sales we allow you same with technology implementation

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Trusted by over 150+ Corporate companies

Amazing App Screen

Some user screens of application given below kindly go through and feel initial user experience of application.

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you to Succeed

Sales Gateway one of the most important Employee Monitoring software provider company. Sales Gateway is at the forefront as the valuable user experience and most innovative problem solving solution. we are the company which offer a useful solution with in the reasonable price.

in case you would like to improve your sales executives productive or would like to monitor their visits it would be a best option to implement.

Why choose Sales Gateway ?

for Employee tracking while in market a lot of solution available than why we need to go with sales gateway only.
here given below we mention some points.

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Innovative Solution
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Batter UI
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Customer Support
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Cloud hosted
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Cost effective

What Our Client Say?

Our support team will always available to here you, making it quicker than ever to handle support requests. Our support team will assist you as a consultant with their many years technology experience.

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Vivek Goyal

CEO- True Value Infosoft

Amazing app to document, track and follow up on different stages of the sales cycle. Easy and clear overview at every given moment, which gives the user the ability to effectively manage different accounts in a timely manner.

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Priyanka Sonal

CEO at Tech Venerate

Extremely user friendly on app and the desktop version. However the mobile version is somewhat limited in certain features but still very effective to update opportunities when you're on the road.

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Amir Lorber

CEO-Cloud Wise Ltd

Surprised at the amount of available productivity in the app. Easy to navigate and possible to get work done, especially when using the app on a tablet or larger mobile device.

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Jitender Singh

GM- The NineHertz

all the data at your fingertips all the time, and easy ability to update for the extended team. one important feature GPS Tracking.

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Mohit Jajoo

Director - Shubhashish Group

Best Lead Management out there.. but much more then due to GPS Tracking..! GPS Gateway works for you and can be customized for your business Flow. WE LOVE IT!

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Arockia Pushparaj

Founder- Revolite Infotech Pvt Ltd

Very good map for customer management. You can map all projects, you can also generate quote. Its good database to extract information which can be access across all devices.

What is Employee Tracking Software …?

Employee Tracking software is mean to monitoring Employees activity along with their GPS location. It allow to the higher authority to supervise and monitor their work from their central desk. Normally nowadays Employee GPS Based Tracking software for tracking companies sales executive widely used by difference sectors like Pharmaceutical, survey, media advertising, manufacturing, Education, sales etc. An employee Tracking software can monitor almost everything that is useful to improve employee work capability such as their attendance time, visited places, customer meeting, gps location etc. On their mobile or laptop. The administrator can view logs, replay view, history through could hosted panel or download reports.

Sales Gateway’ GPS Enabled Employee Tracking is use various activities to get employee related information and highly accurate location. Sales tracking application protect organization resources and improve productivity. The actual intention to maintain discipline and transparency in organization or monitor harmful activity to pre- aware a negative activity on the business. A workplace sales employee research analyzer report says 30-40% time of an average employee waste due to incomplete planning or due to lake of monitoring guidance. We realize that sales gateway application is able to save 30% wastage of time and reduce the annual loss in productivity. GPS Tracking monitoring method reduce employee’s personal travel in working hours due to real time or previous replay data monitoring.

To all corporate companies for those who are going to use our application we would like to clear something you are free to track company own resources than our request to you kindly avoid to track employee personal equipment.

The messaging feature in the sales tracking application enables the communication between the manage the sales staff. Sales tracking application also enables the managers to communicate with the team members at once and communication flow is very quick and easy. Sales gateway application enables the managers / admin to check meeting reports and attendance for the team members and thus enables track of their monthly/weekly performance. The Sales gateway application enables the optimal output from all the sales executives. Managers will operate the web panel with a login ID and password and this will enable them multiple views at one time.

How does Sales gateway’s Employee Tracking software works ?

Sales Gateway’s Employee Tracking software solution is a GPS Enabled tracking system application which is using mobile based GPS Location. Whenever your sales executive install our sales Tracking application in their mobiles it connected to the cloud and send or sync data to the cloud some related information like battery level, moving status, location accuracy and location. Once data received by server we stored data in Database associate with centralized application to be monitor by web or mobile application.

Why should you use Employee GPS Tracking ?

A lot of reason why any company need to impalement employee tracking application software to tracking their field sales executives here I would like to discuss some of them.

1. Time Management and Planning

with our Sales Executive software application this is a very good advantage to manage employee and administrator both time as well as. With the application interface manager can assign task to their executive or employee itself can schedule their task. With proper planning user will able to save a lot of time with the help of our Employee tracking application.

2. Reduce Operational cost

a part of other feature, expenses management is also a very important for every organization we cover this part in our employee tracking application with automatic tech calculation.

3. Increase sales

as per survey we release over a period of 1-3 years with the uses of Sales gateway Employee tracking application companies increase their sales approx 400% as compare to manual process. In sales most of the lead approx 40% loss due to not follow up.

4. GPS Enabled Attendance and transparency

could based application it self able to generate attendance report for your organization. The generated report will be 100% accurate and transparent. This report is really important to make a relationship bridge between employee and employer.

5. Customer Management

in this application company can store their customers data along with their office location. It can be useful for your employee that first time visited to your customer for sales, order or payment collection. User can easily navigate to customer office from their current location.

6. GPS Tracking

this is a core functionality of our employee tracking software to monitor your executives real time location.

7. Reduce Paper work

Sales Gateway’s Employee tracking software help you to reduce organization paper work as possible as. As the point of nature and environment it’s our duty to save natural resources.

What we need to cross check before purchase Employee Tracking solution ?

  • Software Application UI/UX
  • Background Enabled GPS Tracking
  • Autodata Sync
  • Sever UP-time
  • Data Backup
  • Application Response Time
  • Device compatibility

Objectives of Sales tracking

  • Real Time Tracking of Sales Executives
  • Manage the Leaves , Attendance , Customers and other request
  • Reduction unproductive time loss of Sales Executives for reporting
  • Better follow up of leads and reminders
  • Review of Sales Executives task on Daily , Weekly and Monthly basis
  • Productivity Calculation of the employees
  • Reduction of use of paper
  • Maintaining a better relationships with Customer through Regular follow ups

What is Employee Tracking System ?

Employee Tracking system specially used to monitor your team, track activities and evaluate their performance basis on software reported data. Employee Tracking system may be along with difference module like GPS Tracking, time Tracking, Projects tracking , lead tracking or expenses tracking etc. Employee Tracking system allow business administrators to transparently monitor all their company work related activities by using cloud hosted Employee Tracking Software system. In Employee Tracking Market Sales gateway having an unique identity to provide GPS enabled Employee Tracking solution to monitor real time sales executive customer visits. Employee Tracking system is used by companies for following purpose prevent illegal activities, avoid insider threats, catch data leakage, build transparency, batter customer support , increase performance. Employee tracking system now these days widely used by technology companies.

How Does Sales Gateway’s Employee Tracking software works ?

Let me explain everything about Employee Tracking software actually the all Employee Tracking software process start from sever connectivity and data transfer. Sales Gateway offer a mobile application which can be install easily from Google play store in any mobile. Company administrator is an authorized person to track their team members. Company administrator having right to access super admin account and able to create unique ID for every employee. Employee need to login in application with their unique employee id and update company related information like their working schedule, attendance , meetings and expenses etc. Now come to the GPS Tracking actually this application along with GPS enabled tracking system. Mobile application it self send GPS Data (longitude and latitude) data to the sever for tracking employee visits or travelling statements. Employee can not create or modify that data itself so the chances of accuracy is really higher side.

Why should any company need to use Sales gateway’s Employee Tracking Solution?

Their are a lot of reason why any company need to use Sales Gateway’s Employee Tracking software solution here I am going to mention few of them. Sales is an important part of any organization and for those companies where sales executive visits customer is a very challenging to keep clear accountability or transparency. Many times when executive unable to visit customer but claim that he/she has visited. That situation create an argument due to lake of clear evidence. Any company can’t involve their customer in their internal dispute. Employee tracking software can help you to monitor executive customer visited history on your PC or phone. With this software you can also monitor team’s GPS enabled attendance.

Without sales gateway’s Employee Tracking software it’s look complicated to find that employees are doing their work perfectly , how much time they have spent or how much work has been get it done by employees. This is a very big problem for organizations that badly effected to growth and productivity in company sales increment. Employee tracking software keep track of your sales executive visits as a graphical interface on Google map that can help you to reward your employee for their efforts on field.

You are a pharmaceutical company , in FMCG , in Automobiles either in product or service sector .. Sales is a really important part of every organization. And for your company also. Your company growth depend on your company sales. Let me explain the process of sales.. To meet a customer and make them feel important is a initial part of sales whenever your executive frequently visiting your customer then the priority in much higher to close sales . If your administration and executive don’t having clear track record how many number of meetings has been conducted , proper accountability and transparency. The most critical problem in this overall scenario we as a company don’t know our executive is really visiting our customers or just outing with their friends and raise travelling allotment to company. Without any data or facts we can’t say anything. To overcome this entire problem you need to use gps enabled employee tracking solution known as Sales gateway . We assure increment in your company sales.

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