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Field Force Management software

Field Force Management software 

Sales Gateway application is a Field Service Management app that enables to simplify the field task management
It helps the Managers or the administrators to assign leads to field employees in real time it also helps to keep 
proper tracking of there progress and collection of the sales or service becomes much easier with a simple 
GPS Enabled Android phone 

Challenges for Managing organisation Mobile working Work Force 

Field Employees are more than often assigned leads via calls or messages which makes tracking there progress difficult 

There is no proof of the actual visit of the employee to the customer 

Priority assignment of tasks to each sales or service staff 

There is no security of the database of the company if the staff leaves the organisation 

How does Sales Gateway application makes the field force much simple and productive 

View and manage the current status for the Tasks in progress 
Real time task tracking and updating work records
Centrally managed Database that defines accountability to each employee
The employees can be viewed and  assigned tasks in order of priority required  and schedule accordingly
A Effective application to record work progress and collect proof of delivery/service