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Sales Gateway is an application specially design to optimize working productivity of team with new edge technology like GPS Tracking, Geo tagging , location based attendance, travel distance calculation.

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GPS Tracking

GPS based Tracking continuously monitoring your executive movement activities like visited customer , travel distance, Geo-fencing.

Mark Attendance

With the application uses company will able to organize their their employee attendance data with highly accurate and transparently .

Lead Management

With this software Sales Gateway provide you an interface to CRM sales flow that help you to increase sales or productivity.


For evaluating team members basis on their performance is really important we cover this feature along with this software.


Mark Attendance

With the Geo tagged capture of the attendance module it helps aids the managers / Admin to monitor the In Time and Out time of the sales staff and gives infromation regarding the working hours

  • Punch In / Out From Any location
  • GEO Tagged Attendance
  • Shift Management
  • Reporting of the working hours
  • IMEI Lock
  • Cloud punching
  • Transparency

GPS Tracking

By using the technology of motion science , Sales gateway presents the Employee tracking application with the admin panel access to get close Eagle Eye view on the Employee Geographic location and hourly history.

  • Manage Your Employees
  • Route Play back
  • GPS On/OFF Alerts
  • Stoppage Reports
  • Distance Traveled
  • Total Time Traveled

Generate Reports

With the use of the highly technical report generation system Sales gateway system presents the microscopic figures like Employee Leaves , Official expenses, expense claims, etc.of sales team to assist in better business decision making.

  • Attendance Report
  • Task Reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Leave Reports
  • Expense Reports

Lead Management

With the use the Lead Management its helps to convert the prospect buyers to customers and helps in the automation of the sales process.

  • 24*7 access
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Easily identify the qualified leads
  • Stay organized
  • Less time consuming

Expenses Management

sales Gateway's Employee Tracking software solution provide you both side interface to manage expenses and it's report. employee will able to upload their bills.

Tracking of the Sales Executives will be to track the following parameters and Sales team login and logout time with location tracking Location history with numbers of the visits conducted Distance covered by each executive.

Advantages of the Sales tracking

1. Better Customer Management.

Managers / Admin can view and track the visit of the sales team to the customer and this improves the relationships.

2. Better Productivity

Once the employees are under surveillance of the employer they will be much more committed towards the targets They will be spending more time on the field this will lead to increase in the productivity of the organization.

Less of wasted time

They will understand the need of being punctual with regular monitoring and will feal a positive pressure on them to perform and there will overall increase in punctuality of the employees.

Better transparency

The dedicated team members will be rewarded and others will be punished the records for the monitoring system will prove the truth of the hard work and overall transparency will increase in the system.

Reduction the travel cost

There will be overall reduction in the travel cost of the sales executives and actual Kms of the each sales team members can be monitored.

Reduction the paper use

This will lead to the reduction the use of the paper in the organization as the data be entered through the mobile phone and reporting sheets replace with Graphical PDF reports.

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