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Advantages of the Sales tracking

Advantages of the Sales tracking 

Better Customer Management 

Managers / Admin can view and track the visit of the sales team to the customer and this improves the relationships 

Better Productivity 

Once the employees are under surveillance of the employer they will be much more committed towards the targets 
They will be spending more time on the field this will lead to increase in the productivity of the organisation 

Less of wasted time 

They will understand the need of being punctual with regular monitoring and will feel a positive pressure on them to perform and there will overall increase in punctuality of the employees 

Better transparency 

The dedicated team members will be rewarded and others will be punished the records for the monitoring system will prove the truth of the hard work and overall transparency will increase in the system 

Reduction the travel cost 

There will be overall reduction in the travel cost of the sales executives and actual Kms of the each sales team members can be monitored 

Reduction the paper use 

This will lead to the reduction the use of the paper in the organisation as the data be entered through the mobile phone and reporting sheets are not required